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Hermès Editeur – Hiroshi Sugimoto Couleurs de l’ombre

Are you familiar with Hermès scarf? Yes, We do.
Do you know Hermès Editeur ? ………. ( pop up and swap my eyes to any clues around )
Ok. here we go. Hermès Editeur is shorly explained as editions of Arts on Silk. You can enjoy more explaination from Mr.Pierre-Alexis Dumar :Hermès Artistic Director here
“Hermès Editeur is born of fertile ground. Extending this bridge between craftsmanship, our particular domain, and contemporary arts, it is a project close to my heart. There is undoubtedly an element of subjectivity underlying this specific project.”
 “For the third edition of the Hermès Editeur project, I chose to call on the talent ofHiroshi Sugimoto, an important Japanese artist whose discovery was a profoundly moving aesthetic experience for me. The images exuded a sensation of silence and a poetic power, a purity that particularly moved me. When I visited his studio in Tokyo, Hiroshi Sugimoto showed me his project Colours of Shadow. I remember it very clearly: at the centre of a large, light-filled room, rising like a column from floor to ceiling, there stood a crystal prism of immaculate clarity. This was an experimental device whereby, every morning, the sunlight passing through the prism would create a world of colours, projected like shadows on the white walls of the studio. A chromatic epiphany in Polaroid that the artist suggested we could capture on our silk scarf. Out of this came 20 subtle variations, all different, printed in giant format. The importance given to colour and abstraction, two notions close to my heart, made it perfectly coherent with the two previous editions by Hermès Editeur.”
“These editions, each the result of several years’ development, are the realisation of a dream, to forge links and create bridges between the world of manufacture and the world of art. These scarves establish the founding values for the future expression of Hermès Editeur.”  says Mr. Pierre -Alexis Dumar.
“Light is my medium to be investigated,” says the Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto, who spent years chasing bands of prismatic color around his studio in Tokyo and capturing them, with what was for him rapid-fire succession, using a Polaroid camera. In collaboration with Hermès, 20 of the artist’s abstract color studies have been translated into silk scarves in signed, limited editions of seven each. “Couleurs de L’Ombre” (Colors of Shadow), as the collection is called, is a moving tribute to the lowly Polaroid, which faces imminent extinction. (Sugimoto in fact exhausted his last batch of the film to make the images.) Hermès, on the other hand, developed new inkjet technology in order to faithfully recreate the subtle gradations of intense color. Where the original Polaroids are small and precious, the scarves are large — just over 55 inches square — and dynamic, playing with light in ways the artist had never anticipated. Though at around $10,000, you might think twice about actually wearing one. “It’s serious art for me,” Sugimoto says, with a nod to Hermès. “And if it’s serious art, for me, it’s also very reasonably priced.”
Source : http://editeur-en.hermes.com

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