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Haute Couture never die

After a big recession in Couture from economy turned down; loss of Couturier and less of Couture runways but presentations. Now, there are many promising sign for Haute Couture. Versace relocate the show venue to Ritz, after absent since Gianni passed away. Dolce & Gabbana launch couture-like line in Italy to start their first new journey in High-fashion. LVMH invested in new Couture House, Maxime Simoens and ,of course, Raf Simons for Dior.

Haute couture is one of the oldest forms of fashion design and has essentially upheld the same standards and level of exclusivity for centuries.The accesible to Haute Couture has been limited which is also big obstable to expand to another lever. However, during couture week this past January, things were shaken up a bit by the launch of a new website called Modewalk, which gives people unprecedented access to couture through the internet. It’s the most digitial age thing to happen to couture. It has to be reminded that rich people are not only in Europe anymore. They are in Middle East, Far East Asia and, of course, America Continents. They can afford private jets but they unable to buy “Time”. The intention of new gadget will not only expand to new clients but also offer comfortable platform for digital anonymous Billionaire.

In addition to purchasing designer luxury items online, users can browse the online boutiques of Chambre Syndicale-accredited couturiers like Maxime Simoens and Alexis Mabille and either reserve appointments in Paris or have the process facilitated locally through Modewalk–meaning you can have a couture appointment here in the United States.

Anyway, as couture week starts today with Versace Atelier , Modewalk arranged a conversation between the International Herald Tribune‘s (and new editor-in-chief of NOWFASHION ) Jessica Michault and Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture president Didier Grumbach. They discuss the past, present and future of haute couture, including whether or not it’s art, the impact of the digital realm and whether or not it will ever die. Watch it here.

Photo: Courtesy to Versace, Dior, Chanel & Givenchy


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