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Back to the roots: Givenchy Haute Couture FW 2012-3

The press photo of Givenchy Haute Couture collection reveal the naturally earth color scheme with greenery background. “A tribe” again? This is what I thought but ,this time, I found the girls seem like Queen of the ancient jungle/park , like Magnificent Mayan or Splendid Gypsies tribe.

Riccardo Tisci create his own signature and establish culture though fashion industry from Paper to iCloud. In every Haute Couture’s creations, he alway offers delicately looks that create both inspirations and curiousity to young blood talents and ignite desire to blue/high blood to be the pieces’ owner.

For this collection, he was back to the House’s root of feminine shape and exagerate embroidery mixed with his own root from South Italy, where he grown up with Gypsies’ culture. From floor-length Napa leather weaving cape to Ruby-red stone beads embroided on fur-trimmed leather, Tisci give the divine shapes on exquisite techniques that  worth to watch/touch/try/fit and pack them back. Although, I felt this collection is on a dark mood but Tisci spread the light color but heavy weight fur-gown to light the room up with optimistic feeling before you left the collection. Salute!

Photo : Courtesy of Givenchy and Ashadeviewonfashion


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