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Cartier ID Two – super conceptual watch

After a big storm of Cartier new watch which was STUNNING on every of my social network channels, I decided to know it more deeply which was peculiar for my low-tech brain but this Cartier is alluring my curiousity.

According to Perpetuelle , Cartier was released an announcement in mechanical watches with the Cartier ID Two concept watch.   Likening the innovations in the ID Two to the compact fluorescent lightbulb or the modern day petroleum engine, Cartier states that the ID Two is the first “high-efficiency” mechanical watch equipped with a revolutionary movement which consumes 50% less energy and stores 30% more energy than a comparable mechanical movement,as if the mechanical watch use lots of energy from human movement, and has a 32-day power reserve. OMG, this is really STUNNING! Since regular mechanical watch is about to reserve the energy not only a week.

 This is achieved in a 42mm case — as normal size, but crafted of a monoblock “transparent as crystal” polycrystalline ceramic, vacuum sealed and without any screws, the case is anything but normal.  The case is merely the first in a long list of incredible design and materials innovations represented in the ID Two that the pictures will take you through, but first some perspective:  as you might have guessed from the name, this watch is not the first concept watch from Cartier.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the ID Two’s predecessor you can check out the Cartier ID One (first seen here at Perpetuelle, back in November of 2009).  Both these concept watches are part of Maison Cartier’s “ID Program” — that’s “ID” as in Innovation & Development and Ideas.  There can be no doubt that the ID Programme has delivered.

Now here’s an in depth look at the Cartier ID Two. 

To avoid the risk of leaks, the engineers had to design a case in just two parts, without any screws whatsoever. The seals between the case block and the back as well as those surrounding the setting crown have been made more airtight by the addition of nanoparticles.

Those of you with deep pockets who are salivating at the chance to snap one of these up can dream on — there will be only one Cartier ID Two piece.  It is, as a reminder, a Concept watch — never to be commercialized and never offered for sale.  However at some point in the future I would expect to see some of the revolutionary components of this watch used in other Cartier production pieces…maybe a taste at SIHH 2013 in Geneva?  Time will tell, so stay tuned in here at Perpetuelle for all the latest.

Salute to the entire team at the Cartier Manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, where this piece was conceived and created.   Starting with their serious move into haute horlogerie a few short years ago, the folks at Cartier Fine Watchmaking have proven themselves many times over, with the no end in sight for their desire to further excel and push the limits of fine watchmaking.  

Manufacture Cartier La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Photo : Courtesy of Cartier


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