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Ready for Catwoman?

I’ve gotta say that I am so thrilled for “The Dark Knight Rises”. Not because of hell Batman, but Christopher Nolan and CATWOMAN! She’s an iconic. Whoever dare to forget argus-feline eyes, bloody red lips and tight latex jumpsuit of Michelle Pfeiffer. It was remarkable statement of Feminism, for me. Not mentioned to Halle’s version, ’cause even she suit leather bikini, she won’t be seductive as Pfeiffer.

However, when I heard that Ann Hathaway would role Catwoman in the movie. I believed the casts would be stunning in acting but not so sure about the radiant but I remembered Ann had been styled in a very elegantly sexy fashion set that support the image so well. So, handed down for the casting. The Movie’s review was so damn good. Critics loved and praised the movie, I  have no excuse to skip this one.

Thus, before you are going to watch the movie. Let us have fun to image the character as if we are going to the party. What elements should be state to portray the seductive CATWOMAN. We might have to image the whole scene of looks that show the Cat’s attitude toward us. There are many references to employ.


Or we might follow the authentic Catitude. From my point of view, I adore Carine Roitfeld as Feline-goddess. She’s so sultryand super glam. Her own styling is beyond other else. So, you might look through her archives.

What she really gave us are shape and silhouette that state the curve and line of femininity. Black color is the best option to opt. High-waist pencil skirt or skinny trouser as dominatrix are also recommended. A little fur will assist you with the fluffy feeling. However, sometime loose fabric with tight accessory work well to make a statement.

Finally, accesorize the looks with some elements that easily reflect the feline to the mirror. Let see my choices 🙂




Ultimately, enjoy crawling. Have fun!



3 comments on “Ready for Catwoman?

  1. Fashion Mayann
    August 7, 2012

    Amazing post !

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    September 2, 2012

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