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Sneak off the street

Isabel Marrant “Willow” Suede sneakers

I was really impressed when I saw Kate Bosworth wore Isabel Marant’s “Willow” sneakers paired with her long pastel slit skirt. It made me really turn on to a woman with sneakers. A little tomboy with sweet candy created a very excited scene on the street. But,I’ve gotta say I am not a big fan of Kristen Steward’s sneakers because I felt too rocky, edgy but it suited her well, gotta admit. While, Kate’s style was really matched with pastel-summer pallete. It showed some bright and breezy attitude that really charming and she really groove the sneakers effortlessly. Perfect! May I call her ” Princess of Sneakers” ? 

And what a surprise to see Kim Kardashian also styled her curvy-seductive shape with sneakers sometime and she work it well with comfy feeling . Popy Delevigne is gorgeous in whatever she picked like quirky Alexa Chung. They brought us some relief for a day of stiletto. Fashionable mother , Mirander Kerr, was awesome on a pair of bulky sneakers and leopard baby cart. What a scene.

Now, I picked some sneakers for any occasions. My personal favorite must be black and white from Rick Owens. It is truly chic but for woman it might not be neccessary to be monotone or binary color. you can play sweet candy stripe or head to athletic brands like Adidas or Nike. The most important things you need to concern is your legs must be a little leggy, if you wanna try bulky sneakers. Silhouette of bulky shape contrast with slim ankle is very sexy, indeed. It could be compared to a woman in gentleman’s white shirt.


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