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Newest facial pampering

Farewell to my latest facial moisturizer, it is a time to quest for a newest innovation. For me, beauty products are hardly be satisfied compare to fashion items. I have wide range of conditions for clothes and accessories but unable to compare to cosmetic. Good skin is not come easy like refined fabric. It needs devotion, not mention to any investment since good cosmetic for your skin might be so expensive than you have ever thought or might be not. It is up to your lucky! 

I have a chance to search for some products that are worth to try. Let’s see, you might agree to finger on them.

  • LA MER – the moisturizing soft cream

If you are a fan of LA MER, like me. This September,a fifth moisturizer of the “Miracle Broth”s family will be launched. Moisturizing Soft Cream incorporates—”Miracle Broth” and lime tea extract—but is delivered to the skin in a new phospholipid technology. Priced will be as equal as its sister ( $150/1 oz, $275 /2 oz), the soft cream will register as more of a traditional lotion: quick to absorb with little residual presence on the skin. Women prone to acne, or simply turned off by the heavy feeling of the original Crème, are likely to find this a better fit for their concerns. A change in component structure will create different texture from its roots but deliver same miracle to your skin.

  • Estee Lauder-Perfectionist [cp+r] Wrinkle Lifting Firming Serum (1.7 Oz)

This new product seeks to correct, prevent, and repair serious lines in a speedy manner by enhancing the skin’s natural energy potential. As age and the strains of the environment, such as UV rays, appear onto our skin, its natural energy potential needed to sustain optimal skin repair diminishes. In order to regain this energy potential, Estée Lauder’s new advanced serum includes the groundbreaking addition of CPR-75 Technology, which consists of artemia extract (to recharge the skin’s natural energy), advanced restructuring protein , chlorella vulgaris extract (to recharge the skin’s natural cellular energy and assist the optimal production of structural proteins)and flexible elastomer technology (to reduce the depth of wrinkles by minimization of skin stress and strain from daily movement), light diffusion optics (to diffuse and scatter light, blurring the appearance of lines while neutralizing skin sallowness, dark spots, and discoloration), and wrinkles lift restructuring peptides (to amplify skin’s collagen and elastin production). There are sound amazing ingredients.Its soft and lightweight formula can be comfortably applied prior to your nightly moisturizing regime. Its refreshing green-floral scent of white jasmine, peony and rose petals will enhance your sensible scents while enjoying this Perfectionist.

  • Sisley- Global Perfect Pore Minimizer (1 oz )

Sisley just announced its new skincare.if you have ever try Sisley products, your eyes will pop-up when you hear this news. I really love love Sisley, but it is exhausting budget, indeed.With Java tea extract, a new ingredients from Sisley, regulates hyperseborrhea. Pores are purified and less visible, skin surface is more regular and even. Lots of people didn’t even know that from the age of 40, age-induced skin slacking aggravates pore deformation. Year after year, the accumulation of nucleated cells around the pores causes their walls to become rigid and prevents them from closing again and they appear hollow and deformed. Green Lentil extract, rich in oligosaccharides, re-establishes the normal process of cell differentiation and improves cell turnover by slowing down pore deformation and preventing pores from becoming distorted. On top of this, extract of peptidic Soy which is included in the formula, stimulates Collagen synthesis, at the same time extract of white Willow delivers an anti-elastase and anti-collagenase action. It is very convenient in usage by applied like a serum once or twice a day, alone or before usual skincare. The amount can be adjusted for a greater blending effect and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin (Source of information from Andy Lee Blogspot)

        Photo : Courtesy of brands


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