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Beach time

Hand down to Clare Richardson who styled this “Surf Beach” ambience with irrelevant  menswear pieces. Each piece is outlandish from several sunny beachwear but, as a look, it brought us really strong inspiration that  “I WILL DO” to mix up my wardrobe to sandy floor plus surf equipments. Who have ever thought of Rick Owens studded leather sandals on the beach, Givenchy’s pleated skirts in wood house or tie-dye long john with black patent high-ankle boots on a rugged couch face to sea wave. Amazing styling. I will die to wear this beach look with ” Who care”s attitude. Love Love.

From Models.com “Josh Olins  takes the whole crew to the beach, for a sleek take on the surf look starring Scott Barnhill, Kacey Carrig, Christopher Wetmore, Jesse Shannon, Justin Barnhill, Jonathan Marquez & Miles McMillan. Styled to perfection by Clare Richardson and featuring sleek pieces by Givenchy, Prada and Dior Homme, the story creates a boys club atmosphere complete with beach house camaraderie. Be sure to check out the piece in full when VMan’s Sports Issue hits newsstands August 23rd.”

All photos courtesy of V Man


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