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Romeo Gigli.. Yes, he is.

 Joyce, Hong Kong, hosted a full day event for Mr. Romeo Gigli. Yes, he is. The Italian designer who has glorious day in late 80’s. However, not in Hong Kong – China territory, Joyce still has good collaboration with the brand like the first day when Joyce decided to launch Gigli in Hong Kong. Nowaday, legendary Hong Kong and Mainland China clients stillfavor the house from with result in 75% of total revenue come from Joyce.


Gigli’s archives from Limelight’s period

According to style,”There is a new clientele that has emerged in Hong Kong,” says Andrew Keith, president of Joyce and Lane Crawford and the creative driving force behind those stores’ decisions. “It really is international and outward-looking and not just interested in going to visit the rest of the world for a branded handbag.” Hong Kong has also become the gateway to the mainland over the border—rather than its exit point—and it is those mainlanders who are giving the Hong Kong-ers a run for their money both culturally and in Olympic-level shopping. In fact, a similar event for Mr. Gigli’s collection will be held in another Joyce store, over the border in Beijing, in two days’ time.

New collection from Romeo Gigli

This is, in fact, the first actual collection that he has personally designed in nine years. “Freedom is what is important to me,” said Gigli at dinner. “Joyce gave me that freedom.”.  The designer who has extensive knowledge of Chinese culture and Arts still win hearts in Oriental. The collection shown his original talents with famous silhouette and style like cocoon in rich silk-brocade fabric in dark-dynasty tone.

The dinner for the event was held at David Tang’s famed China Club, the corridors of which are filled with that powerhouse of contemporary art to establish the luxurious stand point as Joyce would pursue the house to be. This incident showed a new sign that Europe is no longer a place to revive any Maestro houses if the other side of the world are able to give you a torch.

Photo : Courtersy of Romeo Gigli and style.com


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