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Pet Shop Boys + Gareth Pugh

Beside anticipated moment of Girls Power Reunite – Spice Girls and Diva-ish moment of Annie Lennox, the best Olympic Closing Ceremony moment was Pet Shop Boys sang  “West End girls” with troop of acid tangerine bike which all setting was designed by Gareth Pugh, according to petshopboys.co.uk

“We performed at the Olympics closing ceremony in London tonight. Quite an experience! Hope you saw it. And thanks to Gareth Pugh for our fantastic outfits. Neil x”

 I’ve so impressed and I felt that both artist are really relevant but different generation. If you are a fan of Pet Shop Boys, you will notice that both created imaginary visions which are ahead of others. And, I felt so pleased to see them support each other like generation to generation. These sculptural design settting was extended from Pugh’s design for new ballet ” Carbon Life” which was premier at Royal Opera House last April. Wish they will collaborate more in full production stage soon. Love Love Love.

2 comments on “Pet Shop Boys + Gareth Pugh

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