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UU F/W 2012 : Final collection of Undercover for Uniqlo

“Clothing for the families of today. It is the unity of UNIQLO’s high- quality, basic clothing and the UNDERCOVER  line of street influenced,high-end fashion. It represents the family style, and seek to inspire the world from TOKYO”

It is the PR statement for UU: Undercover for Uniqlo. The collaboration which was made after Jil Sander left the J+ line. The anticipated collaboration with veteran Japanese designer, Jun Takahashi: Undercover.  A new wave designer who wow Paris with his own eccentric styling and vision.  However, the first collaboration on Spring/Summer 2012 lack of his charming to drive the line distinguishly from several lines in Uniqlo. Firstly, UU aimed to touch all the entire families member with the looks of modern Japanese family which is not attractive to other citizens in the world. Personally, I think the color was a little off .

However, UU upcoming collection for Fall/Winter 2012, which disclosed to be final collection for Uniqlo, is adorable. It might because of the entire looks are more accessible to 30s, first-run family. Many looks are modern and easy to wear in every street in the world. I really adore the black leather jacket with black jean. It look stunning for a newly-wed couple or modern Mom & Dad.  Thanks to the stylist who portray “up to date” vision of Modern Family than it was in previous season.

Let check up the nearest Uniqlo in your town. In Thailand, 17 Aug 2012. USA, 31 Aug 2012.

Photo: courtesy of Uniqlo


One comment on “UU F/W 2012 : Final collection of Undercover for Uniqlo

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