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Paris Fashion Week S/S 2013 Part 3

While other anticipated shows won’t live up to the expectation by any meaning ( of reviewer ), there were some stella performances that streamed up the Paris.  You will know which one I picked as my favorite to part III from my biased selected picture. While the other designers tranfer the simplicity with some kind of strange proportion and elements but Riccardo Tisci gave you a beautifully breath-taking collection that collided the simplicity, futuristic and romantic all together as one. The color scheme was tone down but refreshing. The frill look gently divine.The styling was beyod with those gold metal accessories that gave the looks futuristic. How could I love him more?

Givenchy S/S 2013

Dior S/S 2013

One of the reason that delay my post for Paris Fashion Week, I really want to distill my feeling of Dior’s collection with no bias and less expectation. It really work! I have to admit that Raf’s collection was beautiful and super feminity. Each of piece look fantastic, proportion was really modern, merchandising look worth for Dior. However, two things were in my mind are the cohesiveness of collection and cliche ( from his debut Haute Couture ).  I knew that Dior’s ready to wear is really huge collection, but the assortment of looks didn’t communicate the idea or concept of collection ( to me ). Ok, I am bias because I love drama. That’s is the real problem. Sorry.


Alexander McQueen S/S 2013

Chanel S/S 2013

Celine S/S 2013

Chloe S/S 2013

Stella McCartney S/S 2013

Starting with Sarah Burton who delivered the Bee’s world to the real world with Bee’s hive pattern all over the bodice body. The splashy digital background drove the viewer with heat and drama. The result was beautifully dramatic collection as she wished. The collection look really fantastic but now we can expect what she will offer to us again next season. Beside gigantic wind-mills stage that were magnifique on the day that Chanel showed the collection, who ever forget giant hula-hoop bag! it was buzzed around all day in Paris. Back to the collection, they were really pretty and refreshing.

Phoebe Philo stunned us with Helmut Lang-ish artistic minimalism with twisted, really it is twisted. I have to give her credit for being on her own way to communicate to new Celine’s target with its uber-chic and unprecedented pieces but,somehow, we need time to consume and distill until we appreciate the collection well. However, the stunning pieces appeared on the runway with no one else could do, fur pump & sandals! period. So far, I like this Chloe’s collection. It was refreshing, clean, modern and still deliver the innocent of brand, look promosing. Unlike, Stella McCartney that offered some bold, big and awkward silhoutte, less sensuality, less favorable.

Sacai S/S 2013

Giambattista Valli S/S 2013

Hussein Chalayan S/S 2013

Ann Valerie Hash S/S 2013

Surprisingly, I really like Sacai collection, the hip school girl with splash of bright blue and grey crush on me. Giambattista Vailli presented very very simple but super luxe to his top-notch clients. It was simple chic. 

See you in Part IV!

Photo : Courtesy of WWD

Stories & photo selection : Pokky


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