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The Carrie Diary !!

After a long re-run of Sex and the City in every cable around the world, if there is something to wake me to write something is anticipating prequel of Sex and the city on CW, The Carrie Diary. It might not have warm welcome in every houses ( when you read the comments on youtube ) but it is not glossy like ’80 s which I have imagined. Maybe, I am ready to get back to ’80s the Dynasty, eeew!  Anyway, this series will target for a teenager and adult teen. I am thinking how it is gonna turn to something magnifique like nostalgia Mad Men! Forget about it, if it still keep you on sofa after 30 mins, that is mean something. Watch out the preview here.

According to Vogue.co.uk, Anna Sophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw and is set back in 1984, when the character is still at school.

The trailer sees Bradshaw returning to school following the death of her mother, where she distracts herself with friends, fashion and boys. When her father suggests that she could do with a change of scenery, she heads off to complete an internship in Manhattan – the location in which Sex and the City was famously set.


The young teenage Carrie gets her first taste of the magazine industry, the fashion party scene and living in the Big Apple – before she finds herself having to choose between her old life and her new one. And that’s just in the first episode.


Photo: Courtesy of CW




2 comments on “The Carrie Diary !!

  1. Cowboys and Crossbones
    October 26, 2012

    I’ll be watching TV like a teenage girl this January!

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