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Welcome back my imagination, welcome back Bjӧrk.

Once Bjӧrk’s latest music video, Mutual Core, has been released. My world has erupted once again. Who could deny her outlandish beauty that we, the world, are yearning for. Eventhough, her music is not everyone’s cup of tea or piece of cake but ,one thing, it will drive your imagination higher than normal sphere. This MV is directed by Andrew Thomas Huang ( http://www.andrewthomashuang.com ) image the deep down ocean scene.  The costume is also stunning with collage style from London designer Michael van der Ham .I am really glad that she is back to this genre again. The haunting electronica beat perfectly compatible with every steps in the set. Some sort of actions remind me to ” All is full of love” but they are like Day and Night, Hot and Cold. I feel the love. If you wish to see the video, please click here.

P.S. it might be said that the MV might has some influences from Mother of Nature that stirred tremendous disaster like Sandy storm or Tsunami. You might be also interested to see upcoming movie “The Impossible” , Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor.


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