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My list of 2012 top campaigns ( updated )

I start releasing my choice of 2012 top campaigns on instagram (@pokky_bkk) based on my criteria of creative result, innovation, reflect its brand personality, attract target consumer, etc.

I will update once I released from my instagram. My choice might not be matched to your choice. Let share yours 🙂

Alexander McQueen F/W 2012
Ph: David Sims



I choose this campaign because I was stunned with the sculptural gesture and components of Suvi ( model ) whom personified Icy queen as the runways presentation which was really compatible to the setting and lighting both color & BW. Especially, BW version really draw me to something unlively, metallic or sculpture of model but ,then, the clothes were massively focused. We could see the tiny details on fabrics like 3D version on flat magazine. The lighting  was majj.

KENZO F/W 2012

Ph: Jean-Paul Goude



We have to agree that Humberto Leon & Carol Lim have magnificent vision on Kenzo’s spirit. This campaign was really camp, fun, free and energetic. The setting was so nostalgia but really fresh and refined in this moment. Ultimately, they created the essence of community to its brand which never been touched since Mr. Takada Kenzo left the house. As you already noticed lots of new Kenzo’s clad on the street and digital path as a result.

Louis Vuitton S/S2012

Ph: Steven Meisel

louis_vuitton_ss12_campaign_06 louis_vuitton_tangent_mag-692x1024 louis_vuitton_tangent_magazine_ss12

Steven Meisel created lots of beautiful campaigns but spring/summer campaign for LV was really different from what we have seen from previous campaign of LV. It was adorable, innocent and really sweet like runway presentation but different setting unlike Fall/Winter 2012 campaign. The composition and model’s gesture reminded me of some vintage shooting but with its color tone and lighting made this campaign look relevent.

Balenciaga S/S 2012

Ph: Steven Meisel





Edun S/S 2012

Ph: Ryan McGinley


rebel-bradleyEdun-Fall-2012-Ad-Campaign  tumblr_m4dddskhrs1qituglo1_500

Have you ever known this brand? You might not be interested but there was something that draw you to apprecieate the campaign. Goodwill and Sincerity to earth were thrown to your eyes and brain. That was the key message for the Edun. It hit you once and twice with the warm ambience of planet of earth where human and animal are able to living with style. ” Edun was founded by Ali Hewson and Bono in 2005, as a for-profit business that aim to use its experience as an example to show the viability of trade with Africa and to use its voice to encourage others within the fashion industry to do business
with Africa, helping to create long-term commercial and social development.” Edun owned by LVMH. Now, you knew why it has a good campaign with great photographer.


Ph: Tom Ford





This might not be the best from Tom Ford but it was full of attitude, personality and good merchandising. Sometime you ( must accept that you ) look to something else but clothes on Tom Ford’s campaign unlike this SS12 one that you feel like every items were really great especially the shoes & the glasses and the red lips, to die for!!

LANVIN S/S & F/W 2012

Ph: Steven Meisel




Lanvin deserve to get the prize for creating own signature in its campaigns. You will recognize it is Lanvin from its glamourous styling, Parisian-chic setting and outlandish pose or composition. They were beautifully strange, energetic and powerful. Very Parisian!

Jil Sander S/S 2012

Ph: Willy Vanderperre




Hitchcock!!  It was suspicious ,frightening and hauntingly beautiful. Ultimately, this campaign gave you femininity that was not offered to you much from the brand until this year, the last year of Raf Simons for Jil Sander. Those female curve were emphized by the light and shadow. The reinterpretation of Hitchcock’s styling was a really smart tools to state the sexiness of women.

Marc Jacobs  F/W 2012

Ph: Juergen Telller

28-12-2555 11-22-54 tumblr_m4yi3ft8dF1qe3steo1_1280 marc_jacobs_eyewear_campaign_fall_winter_2012_2013

Living in their own world, irrelevant to anythings but Marc Jacobs. Not only one person but full gangs!!  Halloween? no, it was ready to wear. Its key message might be ” Be yourself”. Actually, this campaign should be a good corporate identity campaign for the brand.

Mulberry F/W 2012

Ph: Tim Walker


tumblr_m8majnCPdJ1r7iouco1_1280  mulberry-ad06

It was so cute and innocent in a wild world. I am sure everyone will say ” adorable” once they saw this campaign. That is what a good campaign to draw attention and left some feeling afterward, isn’t it?  Moreover, I am sure that few people remember the looks from runways that made the campaign was really refreshing to everyone.

Valentino S/S 2012

Ph: Deborah Turbeville

valentino-spring-summer-2012-ad-campaign-1 valentino-ss-2012-bette-franke-fei-fei-sun-maud-welzen-zuzanna-bijoch-by-deborah-turbeville Valentino-Spring-2012-Ad-Campaign-4 Valentino Spring Summer 2012 ad campaign 001

What could be interpreted in this Valentino’s campaign?  ARISTOCRAT!  If you never imagin what would they like or do in summer, they were portrayed here. Unfortunately, we really want to be one of them indeed.

Calvin Klein Jeans S/S 2012

Ph: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott





Sexy, very sexy. We all yearn for this hot blue sky and cool splash from the sea.The light and shadow gave the best for its muscle and lean legs. Nothing can stop us think of something beyond fantasy. Ultimately, we love to fit in those tight flashy jeans or underwear.

Chanel Boy Bags 2012

Ph: Karl Lagerfeld



Alice Dellal punked up Chanel “Boy Bags”. When you first met “Boy Bags”, what do you think? I think it was nice bag but not yet “to-date” type of bag. However, once I saw this campaign, it stirred me completely to its cools and edgy from Alice that brought the bag to other elevation. It was so charming to carry right away. I would say “bridge” was a great word to combine different element as one. Salute, Kaiser!!

Photo: Courtesy of brands

Article: Pokky


2 comments on “My list of 2012 top campaigns ( updated )

  1. geraldx1991
    December 29, 2012

    Absolutely adore Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs…. The best best best American designers ever…… They are simply not generic enough….. They are happy, special, Marc Jacob is a little spooky, but it is greattttttt, always fancy their campaigns pics in high fashion mags…..

    • pokkybkk
      January 8, 2013

      Personally, I admire Juergen Teller. Compare to Celin, I think Marc Jacobs had some elements that make its campaign unforgettable and state its own personality. ^^

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