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Welcome a new Brit sensation to PPR


It’s officially announced that PPR will invest in Christopher Kane brand. After rumors that Christopher Kane would take a lead on Balenciaga’s PPR but it turned out that the offer was slightly better than we expected. PPR has a great eyes for British Designers which we see the growth in Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. PPR,once again, saw the potential of Mr. Kane whom just began his career in 5 years but expanded his company successfully.

“Christopher Kane is already established as a luxury label and has a tremendous intrinsic growth potential,” said PPR CEO Francois-Henri Pinault in a statement. “We thus have great ambitions for the brand and will enable it to benefit from our expertise and know-how while providing the space for it to further develop its own creative identity.”

Though PPR now owns a controlling share of Kane’s label, Kane told WWD that the company “understands and appreciates our creative independence.” That said, PPR has not ruled on appointing a new CEO for the brand at a later date. Currently, Kane’s sister Tammy runs the business side of the company.

Both sides agree that the primary objective for Christopher Kane is expansion.



His eponymous debut collection in 2007

“Our long-term ambition for the company is obviously to grow it into a globally recognized brand,” Kane said. “We do not plan to make any immediate or major changes to the way that the business is currently managed. All growth will be gradual and organic.”

Nothing we can do but collect the existing Christopher Kane in the market. We surely exploit them in nearly future.

source: wwd


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