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Milan Men Fashion Week FW13

It was the end of Milan slots. Most of the crew moved to Paris for Men Fashion week and Haute Couture. Don’t be exhausted. All through this week, Milan offered polish-retro, 60’s pop optimistic. The color palette was subdued with caramel, blue or red. Graphic was in between modern and retro. Plaids were mixed with leather and fur. There were many options in Milan this season which I really enjoyed. I was not sure that London has any influence to Milan but I was feeling the Brit in the air.


Prada F/W 2013

I think this collection Miuccia Prada said something hit home that “The simplicity is the hardest thing”. This collection was really simple but it was irresistable simplicity. Every guys will love the pieces, the color were matched with right tone. Everything will look great on every guys and every ages on the street. But, it also turn them to somebody else but adorable. Somepieces might not be the first choices to invest like short-cropped jackets but the rest is worth to spend.  It was perfectly appropriate collection.


 Gucci F/W 2013

I spotted on the blue. I really like the layering of Gucci this season. There are various options to match and color was really attracted me. It looked yound but energetic. It was really casual and optimistic. Knee-length pea coat looked yummy. Giannini paired her herringbones, houndstooths, and flannels with mohair sweaters, or knit polos open at the neck. I just reallized that there were no ties at all. Wow. I think Giannini is fantastic for Men collection.


Fendi F/W 2013

The fur, the leather, the knit were fantastic. Eventhough, the oversize were plenty but they weren’t look as if you won’t try. It is winter presentation and you will be safe in Fendi’s fur, hello. The style and palette were interpreted from scandinavian zone but it was not monotone and mono-expression. I think this season, I learn a lot with color combination from various option from the runways.

z zegna

Z Zegna F/W 2013

Ok, I love drama and fusion of theatrical with avant-garde. I wasn’t expected to see them from Zegna, truthfully. Paul Surridge was about to renovate the core brand as driver. He geared up the visionary of Zegna to something beyond expectation but the things were technical tailoring is still magnificent with new tips and options plots like a experimental but in a very good way. I wish I will see this magic next season.


Bottega Veneta F/W 2013

While others showed off the casual side of the winter, Thomas Maier opted to state that Gentlemen have to work and work hard. The solid presentation on day-wear will stilmulate guy’s adrenaline for being luxury to get a big cheque.  It might be the house that oversize won’t be influenced much because the line and silhouette were still sleek and lean. This collection will be a bun for rush hours millionaire that would not like to fail in style at the meeting.


Jil Sander F/W 2013

A mixture of Minimalist and retro. Jil Sander really want to state her identity through the new collection plus previous one. It might not be a forwarding or outdate, it is really current, sometime might be too steady. She changed the some elements on her design with the twist of new fabrics. It is a good collection but it is not her best for sure.


Burberry Prorsum F/W 2013

There were lots of gimmick all over the collection with the singular volume. The coat and the daywear are  little distracted.  The accessories were almost there but not yet reach the anticipated demand. I feel less of wow factor compare to previous collection. I might be off to see the animal prints on the season thate others play with some other interesting things. However, Burberry Prorsum is always a good friend for fashionister.


Versace F/W 2013

Super oversize shoulder suit on plaid or houndtooh fabric mixed with baroque printing  It will look….. to other house but not for Versace. She elaborated her strength and house’s identity without comparing to others that made Versace has own ground. Each materials has its own character but we have to admit that once Donatella pairing them together. They transformed their own vibe to us. We might not belong to but we are sure that somewhere in the world, they need Versace.


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