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Louis Vuitton in controversy of promoting disgraceful activity in a short film




As if we didn’t know about the inspiration behind Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2013-14, the magnificent ambience like film noir. However, it was obviously prominent when a short-film, which was filmed during fitting in Paris for Louis Vuitton’s fall 2013 runway show by Katie Grand and filmmaker James Lima shot some of the show’s top models in  the collection, has been currently published on Vimeo and Youtube.



Surely, it caused some controversial buzz in the industry because of its film that portrayed disheveled-looking girls in various states of undress getting into cars and lurking in dark alleys, the film may or may not allude to certain lady of the evening activities.

According to fashionista.com, a letter in the left-wing daily newspaper Liberation accuses Louis Vuitton of “assimilating luxury with the world’s second most profitable criminal activity after drug trafficking”, the Telegraph reports, citing today’s Sunday Times. The letter has signatures from the Scelles Foundation Against Sexual Exploitation; Chantal Jouanno, a former centre-right minister; Laurence Rossignol, a Socialist senator; and lawyer Dominique Attias, who called the film “an extremely shocking representation of women” and said that it “portrayed women’s bodies as an object and prostitution as something that is playful and enjoyable. This is very damaging because we are trying to fight the idea, to which some young women in France subscribe, that prostitution is banal and just a way of getting money to buy clothes.”

I’d love to add  my opinion here, I watched the film and it was really seductive and sexy. For me, it was like a kind of fantasy like other previous collections from Mr. Jacobs who usually delivered  sultry emotion to his design. The scene from Louis Vuitton’s fashion show was still recognizable with full of respect to his vision. I just wish everyone will be appreciated in a bright side instead of deeping down to the shallow of darkness, hopefully.

All photo: courtesy to Louis Vuitton


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