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Anyone ever speculated, Schiaparelli and Mr. Lacroix will be united.

After being speculated with load of designers to fill in the Artistic Director of Schiaparelli, Today, it was revealed that Mr. Christian Lacroix will contribute his special 15-pieces collection for House of Schiaparelli.

Diego Della Valle, president of Tod’s and owner of the Schiaparelli fashion house, announced that as part of a three-step process involving different designers, Mr. Lacroix would unveil 15 couture pieces in July as his homage to “Schiap,” a woman who was known for her whimsical and imaginative designs.

Mr. Lacroix said that this collaboration will not be an incident of his returning to fashion but having said that “It is simply the idea of revisiting her collections.” He is currently in Arles, France, in his home area of Provence, where he is creating an art installation in an abbey.

The designer, whose business went into liquidation in 2009, now focuses on theater and opera costumes. He said his vision of Schiaparelli would be about her paradoxes “ High and low, sophistication and naïveté, black and color, austerity contrasting with a fantasy, the luxury of high society and a sense of the people’s choice.”


According to information from the house of Schiaparelli, the July homage in the label’s heritage building on Place Vendôme in Paris will be followed by a long series of different art contributions. There will also be an annual event during which leading names in the contemporary art world will be asked to give their interpretations of a designer who was a pioneer in combining art and couture.

At least, we have a good feeling that this House is protected in good hands.


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This entry was posted on April 18, 2013 by in Fashion.
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