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I really don’t know when was the time I realized that I am so into Fashion. I remembered that whenever I had a chance to browse at book stores, some boy might run into Cartoon or Animation but I prefer to sit myself around the corner and read biography and archive of Jean Paul Gaultier or Gianni Versace, etc. I started to pronounce “Dior” before I learn how to write it. LOL!

When I was a teenage, I grew up in Brit Gen-Y  ( 1990-2000). Not only fashion scene and design talents like Galliano or McQueen, but also the music industry. These combination, I think, made me create my own vision and genre. I was so lucky that I had a great opportunity to work in Fashion industry for a while which, later, brought me lots of steps that I don’t even expect. So, I would like to share my interests to anyone. Hope you enjoy and have fun !




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